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SFP Connectors: Eslite online book store

Author:admin / time:2021-01-05 / The number of clicks:171

I recently saw on Instagram and Facebook that Eslite bookstore closed its Dunnan branch. During the last few days of its operations, the bookstore was packed with people taking photos to preserve memories of the place. Since people nowadays are used to online shopping, physical bookstores have become an unprofitable business and Eslite bookstore was one of those affected. With years of incurring losses and declining number of customers, Eslite bookstore finally closed its doors and switched online. It was a drastic change in business model, but it has become mainstream. In this SFP connector article, I am going to explain how technologies change our lives.

In the past, people used to spend a lot of time inside bookstores, browsing or buying books that they like. Today, these activities have shifted online. Hardcover books have transformed into e-books that are read on iPads or tablets. With free “trial content”, we no longer need to go to bookstores to check out a book before buying it. We can also check if a book we like is available or not by simply doing an online search. Buying books has become convenient nowadays. There is no chance of coming home empty-handed after going to a bookstore just because a book is out of stock

There are many reasons why Eslite changed its business from a physical to an online bookstore. The first is convenience, from the customers’ perspective. Thanks to the Internet, we could stay home and use a computer for most of our transactions, and things can be delivered to our homes. Credit card bonuses and coupons are also offered when shopping online, so this encourages people to do online transactions. Second, from the company’s perspective, shifting to an online store can save on rent cost and divert expenses to storage and warehousing. With improvements in technology and the Internet, the company is able to better manage inventory, quickly respond to customers, reduce the chance of theft, etc. In short, with an online store, a company can effectively manage cost and profit.

So, are we never going to see a physical bookstore in the near future? According to Eslite, they still intend to keep a store or two and evolve into an outlet store. The bookstore will be retained to let people enjoy the atmosphere of shopping inside a bookstore, which online bookstores are unable to provide. SFP connectors offer life-changing Internet services, but no matter how convenient online shopping is, we would still miss the experience of physical store shopping.