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QSFP28 Connector: Smart Watch for Heath Detection

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Huang Hung-Sheng, an entertainer in Taiwan, unexpectedly died in his home last September 2020. The news shocked and saddened Taiwanese people, and thus generated a lot of discussions about fall detection on “Apple watch.” In this year’s statements, Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple, said that health detection would be the focus of future developments of Apple Company, as well as its responsibility towards the users. Medical science combined with QSFP28 connector and Internet application will be the key project of the following technological development in Asia.


Heath detection function of Apple Watch

Actually, the first-generation Apple Watch has had the heart rate notifications function, with the hope of providing more accurate health information than that of its competitors. But a letter from a user changed their mind. The user stated that the heart rate notifications function enabled him to make a timely medical check, which was later diagnosed as ventricular fibrillation and then saved his life. Apple thus realized that the public could benefit a lot from their high technology, and they should undertake the social responsibility.

After the first-generation Apple Watch, Apple launched medical monitoring apps. While sending messages and playing games, the user can also check their own health conditions. Furthermore, it began to collaborate with the medical field to develop more monitoring apps focusing on modern diseases, such as asthma, heart disease, and mammary cancer. Based on the concept of prevention is better than cure, the medical industry also hopes to provide more health information with the aid of a technological company to detect any body abnormalities as soon as possible. The sooner to be cured, the more likely to be healed.


Apple has presented three new health studies.

The first one is the study related to the heart, like heart rate notifications, movement information (such as pace counter), and fall detection. Aside from this, there is an app used for tracking female users’ menstrual cycles. The third one is to study the factors which will affect people’s hearing.


The users’ feedbacks

More and more users have written  Apple, saying that the health detection on apps enables them to confirm some diseases sooner. In addition, the fall detection function preventing falls and severe coma has also been receiving a great response, and people are looking forward to more applications and innovations related to health and technology. 


Apple states that it will continue to conduct more research with the medical industry, making use of the available technology to make more innovations. While it has developed many projects, “health” is still its study focus. It is hoped that high technologies like QSFP28 connector and Internet applications are able to contribute more to the global society, not only in Asia.