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QSFP28 Connector: Co-Branded Cards

Author:admin / time:2021-07-08 / The number of clicks:334

According to statistical results from the Financial Supervisory Commission, the number of e-payment users has reached 5,880,000 by the end of September, 2019. Also, the amount of purchase and deposit through e-payment recorded a new high in the same month. Based on the analysis conducted by specialists of the Financial Supervisory Commission, banks have launched new e-payment systems during these difficult times due to COVID-19. The credit of wonderful effects can be given to their cooperation with e-payment. In today’s QSFP28 Connector and Technology article, we will introduce and discuss several co-branded cards in Taiwan.


E.SUN Bank, ESB and Pi Mobile Wallet

The Pi Mobile Wallet application is developed by E.SUN bank. Users can join the reward program (P coin) which has a high rate of return once they link their Pi Mobile Wallet to their ESB credit card and purchase through different channels. When purchasing via traditional sales channels, electronic malls, or paying utility bills, users can get corresponding rebates. One of the most popular participating electronic malls is PC Home.


When using Pi Mobile Wallet, you can get P coin(s) (i.e., 1 P coin is equivalent to one NT dollar) that can be used for your next purchase. (No limit on the purchase amount). P coin(s) remain valid for 180 days.


CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. and Line Pay

The partnership between CTBC Bank Co. Ltd. and Line Pay is similar to the concept of Pi Mobile Wallet. When consumers link Line Pay with their CTBC credit card, they can get Line Point rebates whenever they purchase via traditional sales channels and electronic malls. Line is the predominant texting app in Taiwan with communication and payment functions used by various consumers and participating Line Pay merchants.  It is easy and convenient to use. The rebates can also be used to purchase from Line’s sticker store. For sticker lovers, it can be a very big incentive!


Taishin International Bank and JKO Pay


Taishin JKO Pay Co-Branded Card was launched by Taishin Bank for e-payment transactions. When dining out, Taishin users can get a maximum rebate of 6%.  What’s more, if they use JKO Pay for their first purchase after approval of their new credit card, they receive 666 JKO coins that can be used for their next purchase.


According to research, the payment habits of consumers have changed with the convenience of mobile payment. Transactions can now be made using cash or mobile payment. Banks have also launched their mobile co-branded cards with high rebates to attract consumers. Now, people focus on speed and efficiency. They prefer to use mobile payment, which eliminates the hassle of bringing cash or finding loose change. Also, by using a specific e-payment method, people can also get high cash back rates! However, QSFP28 Connector and Technology Column believe that these convenient payment methods in Taiwan could also lead to unreasonable consumption behavior. Be a smart consumer by knowing your own consumption habits and choose the e-payment method which is suitable for you.