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SFP+ Connector: Knowledge Dissemination

Author:admin / time:2021-06-09 / The number of clicks:328

After 2000, with the popularization of network technology, there would be more means of communication wherein everyone can gain knowledge, find entertainment (film and television) and acquire new knowledge about arts and culture. In the past, people had to borrow books from the library that they could read at home. The emergence and application of SFP+ connectors and network technology has evolved into various forms like the e-book. Nowadays, everyone in Taiwan does not need to carry heavy books and only needs an e-book to gain new knowledge. However, the combination of entertainment (film and television) with science and technology is even more powerful. It does not only enable us to enjoy higher quality viewing, but it also provides a diversity of media platforms for finding movies and music, which are detailed below.


YouTube: A media platform that allows people to freely express their creativity

The technical and entry thresholds for uploading movies on YouTube are low. Without violating copyright and intellectual property rights, you can freely edit audio-visual content and upload it to the platform, while interacting and communicating with users from all over the world. If you want to become an artist or share creative content, you don't have to sign a contract with an entertainment company. As long as you have a smart phone and computer, you can reach a global audience anytime, anywhere. While doing what you like, you can also earn extra income through the advertising profit-sharing mechanism of YouTube, isn’t that amazing?


Podcast: A web platform for sharing stories, knowledge and information about various fields.

In the past, we listen to live broadcast by switching through different channels/stations on the radio/car radio. Now, there are various media platforms (beyond broadcasting companies) where anyone can share knowledge, song lists and stories simply by uploading them to podcast platforms such as Spotify and KKBOX video streaming while interacting with other listeners.


Film and television platform (Netflix, iQiyi and other exclusive film sources)

In addition to watching TV programs or movies created by production companies, we now have various film and television platforms that offer online streaming from a library of films, TV series, movies and foreign shows anytime, anywhere without international restrictions. For example, Netflix releases many classic European and American shows and movies, while iQiyi features Chinese dramas. Viewers can choose different film and television platforms depending on their preference.


Because of the combination of SFP+ connectors and technology, we have more choices for audio and video entertainment in Taiwan. Even if we don't go out, we can use these media platforms to acquire knowledge, get the latest international events, and access the global community.