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SFP+ connector: Online banking

Author:admin / time:2021-04-07 / The number of clicks:323

With the growing popularity of the Internet, many services have become digital. Before online banking was introduced, financial services such as foreign currency exchange, remittances, and other banking and consulting services were only available in banks, which keep office staff busy. Online banking has been gaining popularity as well in the last two years in China; 80% of banking transactions are carried out directly and quickly online. Let's take a look at the SFP+ connector and network application.


Convenient online exchange system

Before traveling abroad, people need to exchange foreign currency and normally, banks offer the worst exchange rate. Now, we can exchange currency directly through online banking. The online exchange system enables us to immediately buy foreign currency online any time. It also offers better preferential currency exchange rates than banks by using certain applications. In addition, the amount is immediately made available after the exchange is completed. We only need to withdraw the money from a foreign currency ATM before travelling overseas.  


Quick transfer and payment

With the popularity of mobile payments, there has been an increasing demand for money transfers. Gone are the days when restaurant owners have to count change back to customers who pay for their meals. Now, customers can pay directly using credit cards, mobile payments or other forms and then transfer funds through online banking. This function is popular with the younger generation since it saves time and eliminates the inconvenience of carrying bulky wallets stuffed with notes and coins.


Automatic monitoring of income and expenditure

Online banking can keep detailed records of our every expenditure and income. One of its new functions is to organize the income and expenditure of each user every month. This helps monitor and control monthly consumption, thereby enabling many people to efficiently maintain accounts using online banking.


Electronic billing

Now, we can do away with paper-based bills and apply directly for electronic billing through online banking, i.e., receive credit card bills and utility bills via e-mail or application, which is eco-friendly.


Online banking is one of the many services derived from the SFP+ connector and the Internet in China. I believe that the popularity of network application can benefit business owners in promoting their services globally and electronic billing can significantly contribute to environmental protection. I hope that more e-services will be made available through the network in China in the future.