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SFP+ connector, Stream your Internet and Music

Author:admin / time:2021-04-28 / The number of clicks:488

When I was young, the Walkman became popular in the classroom. My mom always put the English learning VCD in my school bag, and reminded me to do English listening practice on my way to school. During break time, my sister and I would take turns playing our favorite CD and listening to the songs of our favorite singers. Later, the Walkman was replaced by a small MP3, and iPod showed up when we were in junior and high school. Nowadays, the function of the Walkman was integrated into mobile phones. As long as we connect it with a mobile data network, we are able to listen to the latest songs of singers all over the world. The appearance and improvement of SFP+ Connector help us stream music and entertainment, making lives more convenient and fun in Taiwan.


There are many musical streaming platforms available, but one of them still provides an outstanding and unique service under a multi-party competition is Spotify. Before Spotify launched its music streaming service, KKBox was more familiar to us. Both services are more or less the same, with a free trial period and full membership, but Spotify collects more Singles of foreign singers, for example pop music from America, Europe, Korea and Japan, while KKBox focuses its market more on local pop music.


Spotify went viral these past few years, which gives credit for the collaboration of Spotify and mobile software, as well as the improvement of its operation interface. In the past, we used to look for the songs we have heard before and listen to them again and again. But when using Spotify, the users will have something exciting to expect, as Spotify automatically streams every users’ preferred music style according to the Singles which the users have browsed and played repeatedly before, and produces “daily recommended singles”, or possible compilation album of their favorite singers. Even better is that they customize their unique “Daily Mix,” in which the users don’t need to make any efforts to compile their own song list. Spotify will just collect and compile the songs for them.


Besides, there is one new popular function these past two years, the “Spotify annual classic review.” During December of every year, Spotify will compile the users’ most-often listened songs, accumulated time of listening, how many new singers are found, and sort out their favorite music style. Then, the users will directly make a story of them on Instagram or Facebook. All these enable them to experience the surprise of customized service and successfully trigger a hot discussion among the users of different platforms. 


SFP+ Connector and high-speed Internet bring people in Taiwan diversified choices in our entertainment lives. However, whether they are just the rage or keep the users forever will rely on how successful it will strike the chord with the them and attract their interest.