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New business opportunities for QSFP28: 7-11 myship

Author:danny / time:2021-03-24 / The number of clicks:362

In Taiwan, when you are going to send a package through 7-11 logistics, the item must be packed well before you key in the sender's information into the ibon machine and attach a label to the package, and then finally you hand it to over to the 7-11 clerk. This process is simple if you are only sending a few packages, but if you are managing an online auction in which you need to send 100 packages in a day, it is difficult to input all information into the ibon machine one by one. The best solution to this problem is to use a high-speed fiber optic Internet transmitted through QSFP28 connector that receive instruction from the 7-11 myship application. 

What is 7-11 myship?
7-11 myship is a receiving and shipping system introduced by 7-11 logistics in 2019. It is a service offered to customers (e.g., owners of Facebook groups, IG stores, and live-streaming platforms or micro-sellers) to help them manage their logistics, cash flow and information. As of this year, more than one million sellers are using the 7-11 myship service.

Why is 7-11 myship so popular?
Myship has an independent order management system, wherein online auctioneers can directly download or upload order forms. As long as the information of the sender is correctly specified based on the order form, the orders can be uploaded to the system by batch, and then transferred via QR code to the Open Point app, which can be scanned directly into the ibon machine so that sender documents can be printed all at once. The success of this system is attributable to its simple operation, easy interface, and clear information for Taiwan users.

Changes in consumption habits amid the COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 has significantly changed our lifestyle and shopping habits. As people work and spend more time at home, they also tend to shop online more often. According to a survey by 7-11 myship, during the COVID-19 outbreak, sales of epidemic prevention supplies, disinfection supplies and masks have skyrocketed, as well as imported products and popular clothing brands. These gave rise to a new business model using social networking for micro-business owners.

The introduction of 7-11 myship supported the rise of community micro-businesses. Recently, 7-11 myship offered freight discounts as a promotion and incentive to sellers and consumers. I personally use the system and its order management service is my favorite because I need not worry if the items I send reach the customers or not. With the Open Point app, logistics tracking can be done, enabling us to easily monitor the package’s delivery status. Such convenience is made possible thanks to high-speed fiber optic networks transmitted using QSFP28 connector!