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SFP+ Connector Sharing: Limitless Network Services

Author:danny / time:2021-03-17 / The number of clicks:336

Due to the novel coronavirus, people have been spending more time at home. Entertainment and social activities have been restricted, and Internet usage has been growing. According to global statistics shared by SFP+ connector manufacturers, Taiwanese spend 7 hours and 39 minutes a day on the Internet. As Taiwan ranks 13th in the world, it expects endless services and business opportunities from the Internet.

According to the Internet world statistics, the most visited websites in 2018 were Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Baidu, Facebook, Tmall, Taobao Mall and Amazon. Nowadays, search engines, community websites and e-commerce websites are the favorite websites of netizens. In 2019, users around the world spent a combined total of 1.2 billion years online, which is truly amazing. There are different Internet services, e.g., audio-visual, consumer behavior, business exchanges and social activities, and the Internet provides a variety of services at the same time.

Take the social networking service Instagram (IG) for example; it uses the popular symbol hashtag. The hashtag symbol can be used to search for information we want. For instance, if we want to have coffee in Taipei with our friends next Sunday, we can type #Taipei Coffee in the search field. After selecting the symbol, we can directly link to hundreds of shared posts. This is a more accurate and simple method than entering the keyword Taiwan Taipei Café Recommendation on the Google search engine. It can also filter out irrelevant web pages and reduce the time to obtain correct information.

In addition, IG's user interface has been modified to include a shopping function, which allows users to socialize with friends and other netizens and to purchase items. The activities on IG are all converted into data via its official website, which markets and broadcasts products and advertisements that users may be interested in based on the search item. For example, when searching for the term snorkeling, IG stores will show snorkeling supplies or even snorkeling suits to speed up users’ shopping decisions and increase sales volume and exposure rate of merchants. Therefore, users who are both consumers and owners of micro-stores can try IG's push advertising based on a customized budget. SFP+ connector manufacturers believe that the development of the network offers both enjoyment and huge business opportunities. It all depends on how users demonstrate their creativity and maximize product benefits with the power of the Internet.