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QSFP28 Connector: Ideal Interior Design APP

Author:admin / time:2021-05-05 / The number of clicks:321

In Taiwan, it is common for people to share bedrooms with family members. It is also quite rare to have one’s own living space. Hence, when a person has earned enough money to buy his/her dream house, he/she considers the location and type of home as well as interior decoration.


However, the costs of decoration and design are quite high. Many interior design companies in Taipei only accept projects that are above NT$1,000,000, which is considered exorbitant by people with average income. In this article, QSFP28 Connector Technology will introduce several apps that can simulate room decorations using simple furnishings based on a preferred arrangement.


Autodesk Homestyler

This is a great and popular interior design app. Autodesk is a famous graphic software company. Its interior design app was developed for beginners, but very useful to veterans as well.  Autodesk is a free and professional software compared to other apps which need a fee. Its operation is not as complicated compared to other professional software, making it very popular. Its most characteristic feature is the ability to view a plain and 3D design layout at the same time; moreover, the arrangement and harmony of furniture can be simulated to motivate users to finish their design plan and purchase the appropriate furniture more quickly.


Planner 5D

Today the household design software Planner 5D is the most popular and free software product. It can be used with a mobile phone and computer. This app can help insert a default furniture design to test the arrangement of furniture and to share design ideas with friends and customers. The offline functions can also be supported. This breaks the limitations of slow net speed. However, the furniture size cannot be changed using the free version; to use more functions, a paid app is available. Overall, the app is convenient for beginners.


IKEA Home Planner Tools

IKEA is popular in Taiwan and many people want to decorate their homes using IKEA furniture. IKEA launched an app related to home design, which can help users simulate a room using IKEA furniture and allows consumers to buy the right furniture based on the images they see using the app.


An ideal home can be built through this app using QSFP28 connectors and the Internet, so we need not worry if we don’t have enough budget to hire interior designers.