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SFP+ Connector: Job-Hunting and Online Interviews

Author:admin / time:2021-07-01 / The number of clicks:446

At the beginning of 2020, after the COVID-19 outbreak, companies have resorted to telecommuting or rotating shift schedules. In foreign countries with severe COVID cases, such as Europe and the United States, schools were forced to hold online/video classes. With the health and safety of their employees in mind, many companies have also shifted to conducting interviews online. Let's take a look at how SFP+ connectors and technology changed the job-hunting process in Asia!

According to popular human resources companies in Taiwan, many industries and occupations have been affected by the epidemic, which resulted in significant employee turnover and corporate restructuring, with the number of online job seekers reaching a new high. In most interview processes, the interview is divided into two or three parts; the first stage is resume review, followed by a qualification examination from the company; the second stage is a telephone interview in which the HR specialist contacts the job applicant to gather basic information before the formal interview is conducted. If the applicant meets HR requirements, he/she will be invited for an interview, which is the third/final stage.

Miss Liao, a job seeker in Taipei, shared her experience while looking for a job two years ago. Normally, she would be invited for an interview by the company after passing the resume review and the interview would take about one hour. But now, the job-seeking process has become faster. After a telephone interview with HR, she was invited again for a formal interview via Zoom meeting. If she passed, she would be notified to proceed for a final interview with her immediate supervisor, or to directly have a video interview with her immediate supervisor. And if she passed the interview again, she would get a job offer. Compared with the previous in-person interview, the online interview saves a lot of time for the job applicant.

Miss Liao said that she prefers the online interview process, which does not only save a lot of time on commutes, but also make the interview time more flexible because of the convenience of online technologies. There is no need to request for a leave of absence from work and formal interviews can also be conducted during holidays or lunch breaks. In addition, with online interviews, applicants can have a self-introduction cheat sheet or other information that can help him/her during the interview in case of interview jitters.

SFP+ connectors and network technologies enable Asia people to maintain a normal life, while enjoying the convenience of technology amid the pandemic. They also allow enterprises (as well as job seekers) to optimize the interview process and find suitable candidates efficiently and effectively.