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The development of RJ45 connector in Industrial Et

Author:danny / time:2018-06-07 / The number of clicks:781

Current industrial applications that require high protection levels, fast on-site operation, etc. have led to the development of the Industrial Ethernet. In the past, people thought that only "military grade" products have high quality and reliable quality assurance. However, in today's market, connectors that are used in various professional fields likewise possess unparalleled strength in terms of technology and quality. Regardless of type, connectors should continuously undergo improvements to enhance performance, enabling them to adapt to harsh environments. Consequently, the RJ45 connector has adapted effectively to the development of Industrial Ethernet.

The Industrial Ethernet connector has become the cornerstone of Ethernet development which resulted in the continuous expansion of Ethernet transmission application, eventually becoming a market trend in the development and production of Ethernet connectors for 10G Ethernet transmission.

Today's leading connector suppliers such as CONEC, Tyco, FCI, Amphenol, Molex, ERNI, HARTING and Phoenix Contact have already discovered the value and potential of the Ethernet network. In particular, HARTING and Phoenix Contact are considered market leaders having been involved in the research, development, and manufacture of industrial Ethernet connectors.

Phoenix Contact’s 10G industrial Ethernet connector RJ45 is the first to use the insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology. It facilitates quick and easy assembly after completing important steps such as inserting a wire, cutting the cable and closing the mounting hole, which significantly save time and improve efficiency. This concept design was introduced to the market in 2010, with the purpose of “one network for all”, i.e., the industrial Ethernet network.

    HARTING, which is primarily focused on rail transit, energy, factory automation, machinery, data communication and medical IC37 however, did not lag behind. They launched the first RJ45 connector without using any tools. The new model of HARTING’s RJ45 connector has fast and reliable connection performance, combined with lightweight design and compatible interface, making it the ideal model for future 10G Ethernet.

Based on the above information, it can be concluded that there is a growing trend and demand for transmission speed and data volume, which require enterprises to provide faster and smoother data exchange within the industrial environment. At present, manufacturers are turning their attention to the application of 10G-class products that further promote the development of the Industrial Ethernet. The Ethernet connector has become a major indicator of improvement in Ethernet quality.  Many large manufacturers choose the RJ45 connector as their main Ethernet connector.  Hence, the RJ45 connector is an industry product projected to grow in the years to come.