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Introduction of the RJ45 connector

Author:danny / time:2018-06-07 / The number of clicks:642

Many people are probably not familiar with the RJ45 connector, but if it is referred to as Crystal Head, some may be able to recognize it. The RJ45 connector is named as such because of its beautiful appearance, which is crystal clear. It is a very beautiful electrical component with a powerful function. It is a common transparent connector that links the network card or HUB, which connects the two ends of a twisted-pair. The RJ45 connector has good water resistance due to its external protective plastic shell.
RJ11 is similar to the RJ45 connector, but it is a phone interface that is commonly used to connect phone lines. TheRJ45 connector is not only used for connecting telephone lines, but it is also a type of network interface specification. TheRJ45 connector must be installed on both ends of a twisted-pair to effectively connect with the RJ45 interface of an external device. There are RJ45 interfaces available for network cards, hubs and switches, to facilitate communication over the network when connection is successful.

At present, there are many types and brands of RJ45 connectors available in the market. Although they have the same concept, they have varying properties due to different materials and manufacturing process, which also influence the price. Since this connector follows international specifications, its model must comply with international regulations to allow replacement of different brands of connectors. For special usage requirements, a fixed brand connector must be used. For example, the industrialRJ45 connector must be sealed and waterproof to prevent signal attenuation. However, this type of connector is rarely available in the market due to strict requirements on materials and processes. Therefore, when we choosing a connector, consider its purpose and necessity. If it is not strictly required or for daily use, the general RJ45 connector is good enough. There is no need to spend a lot of money for a more advanced RJ45 connector.