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Introduction of the USB connector

Author:danny / time:2018-06-21 / The number of clicks:682

  A computer system and connector are closely related and each interface needs to occupy the system resources of a computer. A connector interface is specific in terms of connection point. In other words, whether it is a parallel port or serial port, the point-to-point connections and interface can only connect and support a device. In fact, a USB connector is a new serial bus bar standard jointly proposed by several companies and mainly used for the interconnection of computers and peripherals. It is widely used in computers and embedded systems because of its advantages, which include low cost, easy to expand, simple to use and plug-and-play support features.

The USB connector was originally designed to connect computers and mobile devices, enabling the integration of information processing and information exchange. It also provides an open interface for computers.  It is easy to expand and simplifies uses of hardware and software.

 USB connector features

1. The USB connector system has the same interface and is easy to connect. This enables the system to automatically detect and configure a device.
2. It supports hot swapping and does not need to restart when adding an equipment system. It is convenient to use and enhances work efficiency.
3. A wide range of applications. The real value of an electronic component lies in its range of uses. A USB connector system data has less added information that makes bandwidth utilization higher and supports both synchronous and asynchronous data transmission methods. Generally, a USB connector system can supports up to 127 physical devices as well as devices at different speeds, such as low-speed keyboards, mice or full-speed voice or high-speed disks, images, etc.
4. It has stronger error correction ability. Transmission error management and error correction are included in the protocol of a USB connector, while transmission errors are handled according to different transmission types.
5. Low cost. The interface of a USB connector is very simple. It is easy to use in most situations, especially on low-speed devices. The interface and cable of a USB connector system are also relatively simple and the cost is lower than that of a serial port or parallel port.