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USB Connector Knowledge Bits

Author:danny / time:2018-06-21 / The number of clicks:658

The superiority of a computer’s USB connector over other conventional interfaces is attributable to the success of plug and play devices. Plug-and-Play is also referred as Hot Plugging. When a user inserts a USB external device for the first time, the system automatically determines the type of device and installs relevant driver software. Once the driver settings, which significantly enhance user experience, are completed, the system can be used immediately. Some external devices require the computer to restart after the driver is installed. The plug and play feature is not fully applied in such devices; in other words, the product cannot be considered a USB external device. Given the rather strict WHQL certification of Microsoft, the device is unable to fully utilize Plug and Play.

There are a large number of USB external devices categorized according to the use of USB connectors. Generally speaking, the mouse and keyboard belong to the HID class. In the Microsoft system, relevant driver software is installed in external devices frequently used. When such USB external device is plugged into a computer, it is detected and identified, and the driver software is automatically installed. However, with continued increase in the types and functions of external devices, many external devices still require manufacturers to provide drivers that enable users to operate them easily.
If there is a need to manually install driver software, the system reminds the user to select the driving software, and the user in turn can screen out the appropriate driver according to his/her own needs. Some external devices not WHQL-certified require the user to manually install the program, which includes a step to selecting the installation path and another step to confirming successful installation. Other external devices with WHQL certification are trouble-free; the system automatically completes the installation.

Along with the expansion of USB usage, all external devices from computers to cars can have different functions by means of a USB connector, which makes life more convenient for users.