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The current development of connector manufacturer

Author:Danny / time:2018-09-11 / The number of clicks:136

In previous chapters, a plating material in the upstream material of a connector was discussed. Aside from pollution that could affect production, the plating material has contributed to the development of the electronics industry. Along with the migration of the upstream connector industry goes the plating industry. China seems to be more favorable to connector manufacturers, as well as plating business owners. In order to better adopt the development of connectors in the market, manufacturers update the performance of their connectors, which poses more challenges to plating businesses. To grow their plating business and produce medium to high quality products with high added value, connector manufacturers and plating vendors continue to strive in the research and improvement of current materials, as well as research and manufacture of chemicals.
In the connector industry, a connector is a midstream product, which is the main product of a connector manufacturer. The production procedures include product design, mold development, middle metal stamping, and plastic injection or plating plus assembly inspection. The main component of a connector is metal. Stamping, turning, or die-casting are applied to metal connectors, whereas the injection method is applied to plastic connectors.
From a market perspective, the top ten manufacturers account for 50% while the top 23 accounts for 60% of global manufacturers. However, there are less than 1% of Taiwanese connector manufacturers in the global market. Therefore, there are plenty of room and potential for the development of Taiwan’s connector manufacturing market.
What are the main types of connectors? Automobile connectors and computer appliance connectors are two main types. In terms of marketing strategy, connectors are used because of their quality and quantity. Most connector vendors use niche marketing as their development strategy. From a technical point of view, vendors can now enhance their production skills and competencies even though the upstream material relies on foreign businesses. At present, there are only a few internal connector manufacturers because most of them have migrated to China.