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Application development of connector manufacturers

Author:Danny / time:2018-09-11 / The number of clicks:157

Let’s discuss connector applications, i.e., field of application and development. connector manufacturers can be applied in various fields such as electronics, communication, computers, and electronic appliances, given their specifications and design. Despite such variety, manufacturers usually focus on one or more fields and maintain close cooperation with downstream vendors to ensure good product quality and quantity.
Over the years, consumer electronic devices have sported thinner designs, which posed a challenge to connector manufacturers. Vendors kept refining their skills and reducing thickness to less than one inch, even 0.5 inch for several devices. The size reduction has challenged connector manufacturers to install many components and to make sure they fit and function. Manufacturers needed to redesign their products and change formats with newer and better components. For connectors, the small change has affected everything.
In the evolution of connectors, making them thinner is a necessary requirement to enhance basic specifications. In addition, manufacturers need to focus on product capabilities such as high-speed data transmission with high and intense pin structure in order to continuously satisfy market demand for electronic devices.
The growing development and market demand for smart phones and tablets provide a great opportunity for the connector industry. Another great news for connector manufacturers is the gradual price stabilization of copper. Many vendors have benefited from original equipment manufacturers or have joined the supply chain of name brands. In Taiwan, connector products have crossed over to non-PC industries like Internet communication, smart phones and tablets. This electronic development indicates that the worst time for the connector industry is over and a new era awaits. Some experts predict that the global demand and production of connectors will increase this year. Taiwanese connector manufacturers would also have the opportunity to earn and account for 20% of the connector production chain.