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Trend analysis of connector suppliers in Asia

Author:Danny / time:2018-09-20 / The number of clicks:205

Manufacturers from China and Taiwan have virtually dominated the connector market in Asia. Multimedia and A/V connectors have driven the connector market in recent years, resulting sin a rapid increase in connector production. Moreover,connector suppliers in China and Taiwan have increased their investment in production and technological innovations, and further expanded connector applications, focusing on integrated functionality and multi-device interface for new connectors. However, Chinese and Taiwanese connector suppliers vary depending on the different regions.
China has gained control of the low-end connector market. However, it has gradually entered the mid-range market and made technological reforms, improving its competitiveness in Asia while ensuring quality and reducing its prices. The Connector Branch of China Electronic Components Association has estimated global demand for connectors to reach 33%, increasing at a rate of 5% year-on-year. The significant development of connectors is closely related to the increased production of electronic devices in China. The vast market for mainstream models of computers, telecommunications, and fiber optics in China also contributed to the simultaneous development of the connector industry. At present, a full range of connectors is available in China.
Connector supplier in China offer multi-functional and integrated products to enhance their competitiveness and strengthen their market position. For example, Senda Electronics and Songlin Electronics develop USB interface and MP4 micro connectors that are innovative, multi-functional, highly efficient, and compatible with different devices, which have become the trademarks of these companies.
The connector industry is one of the main industries in Taiwan. According to a report from the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, the total output value of connectors reached USD $3.7 billion as early as 2006 with an annual increase of USD$500 million, and this has significantly contributed to Taiwan’s economic development. At present, connector manufacturers in Taiwan are focused on R&D and the manufacture of high-end products such as RF, HDMI and memory cards. They choose to manufacture low to mid-end connectors in their factories in China. They also conduct stringent product testing and quality control processes that are different from China. Major Taiwanese enterprises like Aliner Industries, Inc., COMOSS Electronic Co., Ltd and Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd have invested heavily in testing equipment, and even applied the same approach to maintaining RoHS-compliant equipment. As a result, Taiwanese connector suppliers have received international quality certifications and their brands are recognized globally, enabling them to gain market share.