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The future battlefield of connector suppliers

Author:danny / time:2018-09-20 / The number of clicks:157

The healthy and stable development of China's economy amid global financial crisis, has attracted the attention of companies from all over the world. In addition to the strong growth of China’s electronics industry, international connector suppliers strive to dominate China’s connector market.
Statistics show a rising trend of 3C products in China. For example, consumer electronics have played a vital role in driving China’s connector market. It is an important industry for connector applications. The demand for connectors in China will keep on growing as long as 3C products such as communication devices and mobile phones continue to thrive. The development of miniaturized, high-performance, and integrated consumer electronics complements connector requirements. Therefore, the production of micro connectors has become mainstream in China.
Connectors are important in consumer electronics, as well as high-end electronics like computers. In fact, they continue to grow in the computer market along with the production of computers that drives the international market. Taiwan Electronic Connection Association has been known to promote the advancement of the electronic connector industry, bringing together more than 100 manufacturers striving to become leaders in the global computer connector market.
According to businesses and recruiting firms, China’s connector industry has seen an increasing number of professionals in recent years. This indicates growth potential for connector suppliers and a more productive future for the connector industry. It also shows that the connector industry is growing, financial resources are getting stronger, and technology is getting better. The benefit of having a good environment for connector suppliers in China helps attract foreign companies to invest in the country.