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Increased demand in a connector supplier market

Author:danny / time:2018-09-25 / The number of clicks:164

The connector market has become more stable in recent years. With the rapid development of computers, mobile phones, automobiles and other products, there is a growing market potential and increasing market demand. It is estimated that the connector supplier market will continue to grow in the next few years and competition will remain robust in the connector industry.
The development of the connector market is closely related to the rapid development of related industries, such as automotive, electronic communications, IT, etc. This is the main reason behind the increasing demand for connectors in recent years. At present, Asia has become the fastest growing market with great potential for the connector market.
According to professional research institutions, connectors are widely used in global industries including computer peripherals, communications, automotive, industrial equipment and military aerospace. The top five categories with the largest increase in connector usage are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, communication electronics, medical electronics, computers and peripherals. With the improvement of global medical standards, the R&D of manufacturers has focused on the emerging medical electronics industry, seeing its potential in becoming the new connector market in the future.
In Asia, the upstream industry development of connectors has been established. The rapid development of mobile 3C products in recent years has rapidly boosted the demand for connectors and new attempts have been made at the technical level. At present, consumer electronic products such as mobile phones drive the trend toward miniaturization and high-performance in order to meet the needs of end users and provide them with good user experience. The complex touch screen components require more connection points to be attached with the substrate for better signal transmission. Therefore, the board-to-board connector, narrow-pitch FPC connector, multi-polarized and low-back connector have been developed, and attempts have been made to develop a smaller, thinner, higher-performance, ultra-low-back connector supplier.