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Multi-point sealing connector manufacturer system

Author:danny / time:2018-11-21 / The number of clicks:677

This year I took the project of lighting up street lights despite many friends of mine who are working as connector manufacturers telling me not to. Because the constructing area of this case is rich in water resource so a lot of the street lights need to be installed underwater, it is rather hard to keep them working properly. But after I used the multi-point sealing connecting system, the process of installation went well, and had been tested by the owner well.
The area of installation has quite a gap of temperature between day and night. During summer time, it’s melting hot at almost 45 degrees Celsius. In contrast, temperature can drop to -5 degrees Celsius in winter. So the connectors have to adapt to the range of changing temperatures and that is what a multi-point sealing connecting system can do. At the same time, one connector can be wired to multiple bulbs, and this satisfies various needs of one to multi holders, simplifying the installation process. And each bulb has its own switch on the holder, where you can adjust the brightness of light. Crank up the numbers of light at night, lower it down during the day. By opening a little window of the light stick, you can adjust all the lights connected. I used the multi-point sealing connecting system because it’s easier for the person-in-charge to change or fix the broken bulbs.
Since some of the street lights need to be installed underwater, we need to put a part of the connecting wire underwater. The multi-point sealing connecting system is great for water-proof sealing which can last for years. I chose this system and ithas no signs of leaking water. It really eased my trouble of insulating the connector.
My testing period turned out to be very well and no problems arose which other connectors would have like the connector being dislodged from position thus lights cannot be lit, or the insulation part not being complete so there is a leak of electricity.
After the installation, the owner just paid the balance directly since the construction job is very solid. I’ve always recommended to my peers from the connector manufacturing industry to use the multi-point sealing connecting system ever since.