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FPC Connector Export Trend

Author:danny / time:2018-11-21 / The number of clicks:162

The economic downturn around the world has brought recess in most industries. Yet, the connector industry has managed to survive the trend. According to statistics, the connector industry has been steadily growing. FFC/FPC connectors are used in a variety of electronic devices and related LCD components. So, it plays such an essential role in these appliances that it could never be replaced. Even though the cost in parts and production has drastically increased, the export of FFC/FPC connectors has not decreased. 

      FFC/FPC connectors have been very prevalent in modern society. They have been used in various gadgets such as handsets, digital cameras, stereos, LCDs, etc. With the increasing demand for gadgets that are simple, small, and thin, the components are expected to be more compacted to increase their flexibility. FFC/FPC manufacturers are aware of this trend. They have developed FFC/FPC connectors with smaller intervals and higher density. Many corporations in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan have upgraded connectors with the standardized interval of 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm to connectors with intervals of 0.3mm. Many manufacturers followed this trend to reduce the interval of FFC/FPC connectors, which shows a clear direction for the research of FFC/FPC connectors. The evolution of FFC/FPC not only manifests itself in the structure and appearance but also in the material. FFC/FPC connectors are made of polyester, PPS material, or Nylon with a fire-proof level of UL94V-0, which serve as insulating materials. Some high-end products apply liquid crystal polymer to create higher resistance to high-temperatures so that the connectors can adapt to various conditions. The bronze and copper-beryllium alloy which served as contact were costly, and they have gradually been replaced by tinned copper, which is relatively cheaper as a main material for producing electric contact of connectors. The conductivity and steadiness of connectors has increased, which levels up the quality and functionality of FFC/FPC connectors. Most connector suppliers in Taiwan provide various types of connectors, which effectively boosted the export of these products. A greater variety of FFC / FPC has upgraded their practicality.

    In sum, the development of FFC/FPC connectors is a staple of the market, which defends its indispensable place there. Thus, the market of FFC/FPC connectors remains stable even in the face of a fluctuating economy. Experts predict that the amount of FFC/FPC connectors remain the same as last year even when the economy is not so prosperous.