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Survival of SME connector manufacturers

Author:danny / time:2018-11-27 / The number of clicks:764

During the Product Innovation Design Exhibition in 2011, lots of connector manufacturers were voicing out their difficulties in the connector industry.

There are two reasons behind it:

1. Foreign connector manufacturers have greater capitals and advanced technology. With the advancement of technology used in cellphones, they have accelerated the research on connectors even faster, which widened the gap between them and the companies in our country. Even if we are able to extend the lifespan of the connector to 5ys, still, the pace of foreign connector advancement beats products produced by our local companies.

2. We lack the necessary materials so we have to import most of them. And we also don’t have a solid brand chain in our industry, which attracts fewer customers for sure.

Even with these disadvantages, we still have something that is superior to others, that is - faster delivery cycle and lower prices. We can totally design our own mold according to the needs of our customers, which foreign companies couldn’t keep up with. Also, because of the financial crisis, our domestic products have to lower their prices, which gave even bigger pressure for foreign companies.


SME connector manufacturers should take note that with the advancement of equipment used come the more expansive markets. For example, iPhone, HTC and Samsung lead the cellphone market, and one phone alone needs 6-8 connectors. If we add other functions into it, then the demand for connectors will increase even more. And it will be another round of new market growth. So, if SMEs can take this chance and work hard in researching, we can reach further profit. “In my opinion, it is not until the death of manufactur, will there be any problems related to grouped equipment companies.” said Mr. Song of one Shenzhen tech company. There must be an oasis for manufacturing.