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Classification of connectors

Author:danny / time:2018-11-27 / The number of clicks:678

There are different types of connectors according to their shape, appearance, use and capability. It’s quite complicated to divide them specifically. But when it comes to tech used, there are only 2 types:

1. By appearance, there are round ones and rectangular ones. They’re named after a cross section of each. To explain, the coaxial connector is round type and the PWB connector is the rectangular type. Learning from history, the PWB connector is conceived from rectangular connectors and set its own feet, but they’re actually the same in essence. And the common rectangular connectors we used before are now mostly trapezoid, which is similar to rectangle.
By working frequency, there are high ones and low ones. We use 3MHZ as the boundary between the high and the low. Also, there are other ways to divide them such as use, installation, special construction, capability, etc.
From the layout of stores selling connectors and from connector manufacturer’s flyers, we can tell that they follow the guidelines above. But the reason is usually for promoting or defining a particular function. So, if we classify them with the guides in the flyer, it’s usually not scientifically correct since it’s meant for selling. Although it’s hard to say it’s totally incorrect, it’s not suitable for all situations. The development of connectors is advancing faster ever since it came out. If we consider the practical use of connector manufacturers, we can classify them into several types below: PWB, radio frequency, low-frequency round, rectangle and optical fiber. But anyway, there is still no right answer to how to classify connectors. As long as we use them correctly and conveniently, we can always find the right counterpart when it needs to be substituted.