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Applications of FPC Connectors

Author:Danny / time:2018-12-10 / The number of clicks:113

An FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit), which is popular on the market, is generally referred to as a “flexible connector.” Specifically, FPC connectors are the connectors made with flexible materials. Now, it is main application is to connect LCD displayers and printed circuit boards (PCB). Its application includes digital communication products, portable electronic products, computer related products, measurement gadgets, and car electronics. 

With the evolution in electronic products that hold a larger market share such as handsets, digital cameras, laptop computers, MID, MP3/4/5, hand-held game consoles, connectors have to be technically renovated to fulfill the needs of these electronic products.

Molex has developed the FFC (flexible flat cable), a super thin model of an FPC Connector, to meet the market trend. This connector features the avant-garde BackFlip actuator, which has a high density of cables. The cables can be precisely plugged and unplugged in a narrow space, which increases the speed and reliability of the FPC connectors.

The FPC connectors, like other connectors on the market, are being renovated to be thinner and narrower. The thinnest and narrowest FPC Connector in existence is 0.80 mm in height and 3.20 mm in depth; it is called the 501461 connector. Another model of FPC connector, the 500797 connector, are a little thicker. It has a 0.3mm interval in the bottom and 1.05mm in height. Though it is bulkier that the 501461 model, its reaction force terminal has greatly improved the stability of FPC connectors.

Molex is not the only company that noticed the new demand of FPC connectors on the market. The marketing and sales developing manager Koji Kowata has also noticed the trend. He pointed out FPC connectors have to be qualified and certified as well as fulfilling the needs of consumer electronics to take a place on the market. In terms of quality and functionality, FCI has launched SFGL model FPC connectors. The advantage of the model is the evolved soft cable connector which shortened the FPC Connector interval to 0.4mm and the height to 0.9 mm., which is compatible with the mainstream tabloid computers on the market. FCI also released the VLP model FPC connector. Currently, its interval is 0.5 mm and its height is 0.7 mm, and it is mainly used in smartphones and cellphones.

    FPC connectors can be applied in a variety of products, and it can be developed in a variety of ways. For example, the selective cable gland and the improvement in installing equipment are a prerequisite for connectors to have optimal performance under any condition. This leads to a stricter requirement of the market. It’s essential to understand the market and keep improving the products.