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Future Connector Supplier Battlefield - China

Author:Danny / time:2018-12-10 / The number of clicks:180

With the healthy development of China's economy, the Chinese market has remained calm and positive in the face of the financial crisis, and has involuntarily attracted the attention of enterprises from all over the world. In addition, the electronics industry has thrived in the Chinese market.  connector supplier around the world regard China as the main battleground for enterprises in the connector industry to compete for resources. Everyone is willing to enter the Chinese connector market and achieve a commanding position.


  According to statistics, 3C products are on the rise in China's market. Consumer electronics products have already played a role in the relevant market, driving China to become a potential sharer in the global connector market. This area is an important application market for the connector market. If 3C products such as communications and mobile phones still have ample room for market growth, the demand for Chinese connectors will continue to grow. Like this type of consumer electronic products, miniaturization, high-performance, and integrated development, it is bound to have corresponding requirements for connectors. The development of micro-connectors has clearly become the mainstream trend in the Chinese market.


Not only do connectors play a huge role in consumer electronics, but high-end electronics like computers are also involved in connectors. In fact, connectors have long been thriving in the computer market for a long time, and the production of computer connectors has even become an important concern in the international market. The Taiwan Electronic Connector Association, once known as the "Electronic Connector Industry Upgrade Promotion Association", has gathered more than 100 member manufacturers to compete in the global computer connector market and strive to win a place in the global market.


Nowadays, professional websites of the enterprise (industry) units and talents engaged in the connector industry provide comprehensive services for recruiting and seeking human resources. points out that in recent years, a large number of professionals in the connector industry have emerged in China, and their emergence not only means that the attractiveness of the connector market is rising, but also indicates optimism in the future of the connector industry. It also shows that the connector industry is now growing in size, financial resources are growing, and technology is improving. This positive cycle shows that the environment of China's connector market is quite good, and the idea that foreign companies want to occupy the Chinese market is not a rumor.


Objectively speaking, if China is regarded as the battlefield for future  connector supplier, it is also an excellent promotion for China's connector companies. It is beneficial for Chinese manufacturers to introduce advanced technology from abroad and to learn new foreign technologies. It can greatly enhance the world competitiveness of Chinese connector companies. However, the Chinese market should also be wary of foreign manufacturers consuming their own enterprises. In order to protect China's own enterprises, effective macroeconomic regulation and control must be carried out on the market.