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Connector Manufacturer make Seat Belt Alarm clever

Author:danny / time:2018-12-18 / The number of clicks:107

A specific case provided by a connector manufacturer

The law states a driver must wear their seatbelt and passengers in the front must also wear their seatbelt. The laws regarding seat belts must be followed. However, seat belts can be troublesome, for example, it can tie you to your seat like a rope, making it hard to breath. Sometimes the seatbelt is locked by the system, making it impossible to pull. Since I replaced my seat belt alarm component with a Squib AK-2 cable component, these problems were immediately solved. Now when I drive, wearing my seatbelt is no longer a chore. I am rarely stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt. Why did I think of replacing my seatbelt alarm connector?

There is a story behind this. One time when I was driving home during a hot summer, I was driving through a rural area. In this rural area, often there are police on duty. To avoid being stopped, I parked on the side of the road to adjust my seat belt properly. My seatbelt often jammed, making it hard to adjust when it was stuck. There was a lot of traffic that day so I could not stop to adjust my seatbelt. I could only endure the uncomfortable ride. The seatbelt continued to choke me as I drove. I tried to adjust it several times but the jammed belt would not loosen. I was forced to drive like this all the way. After I arrived home, my mother came outside quickly after hearing my car. I was exhausted and before I could undo my seatbelt, my mother saw my pale face and asked, “did you drive like that the whole way? Why?” I had no answer. My mother asked in confusion, “that seatbelt suffocates you, how can it keep you safe?” After hearing this, I felt unsafe about my seatbelt. I told my friend this story and he said it was because of a faulty seatbelt alarm connector. He suggested that I should replace it. Would replacing it really solve the problem? I thought maybe all connectors act this way. However, after my friend explained it to me, I rationally chose the Squib AK-2 cable component. Now, when I put on my seatbelt, it easily adjusts to my body and provides a comfort I never had.

I never thought about my seatbelt alarm connector. I was blind before. I should have changed to Squib AK-2 cable component earlier to save myself a lot of pain.


The information above was provided by connector manufacturers.