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Author:danny / time:2018-12-18 / The number of clicks:103

In recent years, the rapid rise of markets such as communication terminals, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics has led to the global strategic shift of connector suppliers to Asia. Today, Asia has a huge connector market potential, attracting a large number of investors at home and abroad to gather here. In light of the current growth rate of connector demand in various countries, China is expected to become the country with the largest number of global connector consumption in the future, and establish itself as the world's largest connector market. According to statistics, in 2010China's connector market sales reached 25.7 billion dollars, and the annual growth rate has surpassed the global average. In the next five years, the average annual growth rate of the market is expected to reach 15 percent. This is valuable given the global economic downturn.


Several connector giants led by MOLEX have always attached importance to product innovation and optimization. They know that in the ever-changing technological innovation environment, only by continuously introducing newer technologies and more adaptable connector products can enterprises continue to stand at the top of the industry.  Summarizing the product development trends of major manufactures, we can point to the following trends in technical innovation

1. Connector Size Tends to be Miniaturized

In recent years, this technology has been the primary task in innovation for various manufacturers. In order to meet the design requirements of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, a micro-mini MINI USB series connector with a size of 0.3 mm has been developed, with better technology to provide people a more comfortable living experience.


2. Connector Wireless Transmission Technology

This technology is mainly based on high frequency and high speed, providing wireless transmission solutions for a variety of communication devices, and is another mainstream direction for future connector applications.

3. Smart Connector Development

At present, most of this is still in the stage of conception and development. A DC power supply series connector products have been developed. Before power transmission, a smart signal detects whether the power plug is in place in order to prevent an early engagement of the power supply. This effectively prevents the plug from being turned on when the plug is not inserted, and stopping fried machines and arc damage caused by positive and negative electrodes.

4. Fine Connector Development

Starting from the design, production, craft and quality control of connector products, the industry's high-precision processing equipment and technology are applied to connector products, combined with fine injection molding and stamping technology, and a full-scale three-dimensional control of connector products. The production, mature manual experience and automated assembly technology improves the core competitiveness of the connector products in all ways.


The connector supplier's products have penetrated the fields of network, communication, transportation, medical care, home appliances, aerospace, military, etc. The technical level of these series of products is very advanced,  providing future products with a wider range, more diverse structures, more specialization and more detailed features that will gradually enter our life.