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Precaution when selecting connector manufacturer

Author:danny / time:2018-12-24 / The number of clicks:108

Connectors are a necessity for electronics and mechanics. How to choose the type we need impacts its working quality significantly.

How to choose is mainly the connector manufacturer’s mechanical engineer’s responsibility, since they have to consider the layout of the whole circuit and system. If we start from electronics, the rated current of the terminal is our major concern. When we design a circuit, we need to decide how many terminals we’re going to use to transmit signals. In order to do that, we need to know the size and shape of the connector. The intensity of the connector is also a vital factor to be considered. For intensity, it’s considered for some special fields such as military, etc. Connectors almost decide if a product can be used, and that’s emphasized even more in some fields which demand precision. Such as in aerospace engineering, the size of every component is rather important, thus they have higher standards of quality for connectors.


Aside from choosing connector manufacturers, integration of signals is also an important job for mechanical engineers. If there is a new design of a connector, there would be challenges like adapting or satisfying the need of the electronics. We used to design the connector, then tested its electrical performance, and decided the use, which was rather passive. So, we design connectors according to the demand for the electrical capability now. There are high demands for electrical performance when it comes to high speed signal transmission. Electrical performance is always of first concern no matter the price or if it’s common or not. So choosing the type of connectors is another responsibility for electrical engineers who design the circuit. It’s a job so precise that requires attention and caution. Since the type of connector decides on its function and the working harmony of other components, it sometimes even affects safety.