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Introduce the FPC connector specification(part 2)

Author:danny / time:2018-12-24 / The number of clicks:144

FPC disadvantages


We have mentioned several major advantages of the FPC connector early on, however everything has two sides. We also need to understand the disadvantages of the FPC connector in order to keep improving for achieving the perfect standard.


1.       It is mainly because the FPC connector belongs to the flexible circuit board so its mechanical hardness is relevantly weaker and very easy to be cracked, resulting in product deformation. Naturally, the product shall easily have bending or scratching marks due to its flexibility. 

2.       The FPC connector production technology procedure is complex and mistakes are very likely to occur during each process. It shows the significant difficulty of technology required for the FPC connector production procedure.

3.       The possibility of reworking for FPC connector is very small so it is essential to meet the demand of the technology production procedure in one time. Supposing there is a production design deviation, this shall result in the whole batch being wasted and not being able to re-modify. 

4.       FPC material is soft and not able to carry the heavier parts on its own. That is why the FPC will only always be limited to internal use in microelectronic products.

5.       FPC now is choosing the hi-end technology in order to obtain the superior reputation from the market. It means FPC connectors have higher production cost and this is a relevant disadvantage. 

FPC application –


FPC connector application is very broad and now taking a very important position in the present digital electronic technology.   


1.       Mobile phones :

It is of small size, light weight and easy integration which allow it to connect the battery, receiver and buttons inside the mobile phone easily. 

2.       Computer and Liquid display:

The present computer and liquid display both pass the digital demand and transfer to the high density screen effect. And the foundation to achieve this effect is based on the benefits of the FPC, such as ultra-thin and flexible circuit board one-piece configuration. 

3.       CD Walkman:

The most obvious characteristic of FPC products is its three-dimensional assembly.  As long as it is fitting of this high end technology, we shall be able to transform the past huge CD players into the portable Walkman nowadays to meet the trend.

4.       Disc driver:

The weakness of the disc driver in the past is taking too much time in data reading and transmission process. Now owing to FPC connectors’ ultra-thin structure, the PC or NOTEBOOK is sped up in terms of data transmission and reading to reach the fastest data exchange possible.