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Current status analysis – FPC connector

Author:danny / time:2019-01-07 / The number of clicks:97

Ever since the FPC connector became the main force in the connector market, its use in every field is gradually increasing. As for the FPC connector current status, the insiders of the industry are also giving the relevant analysis.


In fact, the FPC connector is just forming its industry system within these recent few years in China only and its mass production and application developed in China for merely 3 ~ 4 years. According to the data statistics, so far the China major FPC connector manufacturers keep their FPC connector monthly output at 10,000 square meters.


It is mainly due to the fact that the development of FPC connector manufacturers in China has not been for long yet, so if we compare them with those manufacturers invested in by Taiwan, Japan, USA, etc. there exists a certain gap between them.  The superior China FPC connector manufacturers are mostly located in the coastal areas of the Yangtze River Delta region and Pearl River Delta region due to their geographical advantages wherein they have more opportunities to communicate with the foreign industries, thus they are much well-known in the connector market comparatively. 


In general, the China FPC connector technical skill is not yet completed as of the moment. Moreover, the level of quality is not high for China FPC connectors with a low output rate.. As an example, the China FPC connector production technology is commonly still utilizing the sheet type processing, while the roll-to-roll of the roll type successive production line is not available yet in the China market.


It is rare to see the manufacturers producing the flexible board base material in China.  The domestic Flexible Copper Clad Laminate base material is just at the starting point and developing stage.


Now the market demand for the FPC connector skill has reached the relevant higher level, since the applications on the mobile phone, digital camera, FPC connector parameter is requested to reach an FPC line width/gap at 0.075 ~ 0.10mm (3~4mil), diameter of hole at 0.1~0.2mm, which is forcing the China connector industry to speed up technical innovation, product research & development.


Although the outlook on the China FPC connector status is not optimistic, we should face the existing challenge with confidence. In recent several national printed circuit board science annual meetings, there are essays on the rigid-flex multiple PCB released frequently which is about the trial and error of the China FPC connector industry.


What we ought to see is that due to the huge market of the China FPC, the outstanding FPC industries from USA, Taiwan, Japan and other countries (areas) are entering our domestic FPC connector market in succession. It is very helpful to advance the China FPC connector manufacturers a big step forward. When China turns out to be the global FPC connector production base, the China FPC connector industry will take this great opportunity to get stronger. The estimated output quantity and total value shall be exceeding Europe, USA, South Korea and be able to compete with Japan as well.