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Connector Manufacturer is Essential for a phone

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A specific case provided by a connector manufacturer

Everyone knows that iPhones are the easiest to use. However, when my husband got a new company phone, he gave me his old Apple. Once the phone was in my hands, it was not as easy to use as other people described. It would turn off automatically. One night while I was sleeping, a noise woke me up. When I looked at my phone, I realized it was not a prank. The phone had turned itself on and was playing a live stream! Annoyed, I did not know who to blame. I was often woken up by the phone and I would unleash my anger on my husband, forcing him to deal with the problem. He said he never had the same problem and that it must be because of my mishandling of the phone. He said I should cherish the iPhone and since it was free, there was nothing I could complain about. I was forced to endure these pranks my phone was playing on me. Later on, after I changed the phone connectors, these problems went away. Do not underestimate the small connector. It can make or break a phone!

            After losing sleep numerous times due to my iPhone, I wanted to replace it. That day, I took my phone to the telecom company. One of the staff there was one of my husband’s ex-employees. She was excellent at sales and was knowledgeable about phone repairs. She took a look at my phone and said my SIM card connector was the problem. However, all the connectors in an iPhone were built-in. They are a challenge to replace. Once I heard this, i thought it was a death sentence for my phone. Therefore, I asked her about selling my phone for a cheap price. She listened and said no one would buy a phone like this. Because of the fast turnaround rate for electronic devices, an iPhone worth more than 20,000 dollars became worthless after only a year of use. I suddenly realized the iPhone is not worth it. The member of staff saw my disappointment and offered to have a technician take a look. She said she will contact me in the afternoon. After two hours she called and said the connector can be replaced. I was happy beyond belief.

After replacing the connector, my iPhone was back to normal. Its superior performance was once again apparent. It stopped turning itself on and did what I instructed it to. Because of this, its battery life improved dramatically. I no longer had to look for a place to charge my phone after a short while. Now I can use it however I want and only charge it in the evenings. I use it to take pictures of the cityscape often, which helps me to write my articles.

Big success is often based on details! A good phone is dependent on a small connector!

The information above was provided by connector manufacturers.