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Connector manufacturers' challenges and connector

Author:danny / time:2019-03-13 / The number of clicks:561

Connectors are widely used in various fields that affect daily life, so application requirements of connector manufacturers are not only different, but are also more stringent, which lead to different challenges.
Since the standardization process for consumer connectors is high, the market requirements for these connector applications are not that high. Hence, consumer products are not questioned by the market unlike high-end connectors which have seen significant improvement in terms of science and technology, and product support system. However, the standardization process of high-end connectors is relatively slow and cannot meet the demand for new technologies, so the application of high-end connectors remains a huge challenge.
For military connectors, three major requirements need to be considered in order to gain better performance and quality: signal transmission level, usage mode and application environment level. Connectors have to be reliable, weather-resistant, high-temperature resistant, cold-resistant, and functional under different environmental conditions. They should have higher compatibility to achieve analog transmission to digital transmission, low speed transmission to high-speed transmission, and single function to multi-function transformation, as well as signal integrity. Even if electronic products are gradually integrated and miniaturized, signal quality is still required to attain good single network between the signal crosstalk cancellation network and power distribution system, which excludes a noise generated by collapsed track. Finally, connector diversity is important to meet high-end connector requirements in different fields and high-speed interfaces of the military.
The new challenge lies not so much in the need to upgrade connectors to achieve the required standard, but rather in the connector manufacturer’s capability to introduce a market opportunity. As long as a manufacturer has accurate understanding of application connector problems in specific areas and is able to address them, can provide rigorous product improvements, transformation, innovation, research and development, as well as break high-end connector technical bottlenecks, then it is possible for manufacturers like Tyco, Jaco, and Hao Lung to become industry leaders that will drive the connector industry to greater heights.