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Mobile phone connector manufacturers

Author:danny / time:2019-04-15 / The number of clicks:606

Today, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people's lives. We also see constant improvements in the function of mobile phones. However, we only see the value of these mobile phones and ignore their vital components, i.e., connectors. Connectors are important electronic components that enable mobile phones to function and give quality to the phones themselves. In fact, when mobile phone after-sales problems arise, connector manufacturers are normally involved as well.
The market demand for mobile phones tends to lean towards small, thin, and fine structural designs; hence, phone connectors need to comply with the following aspects: high-density, small pitch, and standardization.
Mobile phone connectors serve as import and export channels for mobile phones. The I/O connector is poised to become a major catalyst in the transformation of mobile phone connectors. Today, I/O connectors have a single appearance model.  For a more visual and practical appearance, I/O connectors should be improved in order to provide visual diversification and additional features (e.g. waterproof, dust-proof).
Board connectors should also be improved to enhance phone functionality. When mobile phones become thinner, the wide pin spacing and height are bound to affect the phones’ efficiency.   The current 0.4mm pitch-based connector is expected to be replaced eventually by a 0.35mm or even lower height for better phone shielding.
A SIM card connector is one of the important components in mobile phone networking.  If a card connector fails to function, mobile phone communication and network function are paralyzed. Connector manufacturers need to consider the pin height and width, as well as the phones’ vibration problem. Only by improving the reliability and stability of a SIM connector can a phone maintain good performance if subjected to an external force. Of course, this creates a complementary effect between the frame structure of a phone and a single connector.

Extensive research and improvements should be conducted on mobile phone connectors given the mobile phone industry’s continuous innovation. The research and development of camera socket connectors and BTB connectors show that mobile phone connectors are being reinvented to suit the mobile phones of the future. This is perhaps a new challenge and opportunity for mobile phone connector manufacturer enterprises to enhance their business.  It is only by understanding market demand and creating scientific innovations that companies can revolutionize the market.