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Opportunities for phone connector manufacturer

Author:Danny / time:2019-05-03 / The number of clicks:571

As the financial storm ravages the world economy, the global phone market is put under immense pressure. However, the financial storm seems to barely make a dent on China’s economy with the Chinese phone market remaining relatively optimistic. Amid this financial crisis, phone connector manufacturers have seen an opportunity and explored more possibilities for phone connectors.
Considering phone developments nowadays, it is clear that phones are becoming smarter and moving towards 3G. For example, iPhone, HTC and other smart phone companies have had a huge impact on the market, significantly advancing phone development and related industries. Especially as smart phone products move towards miniaturization, connectors have to be redesigned, forcing the connector market to move towards multifunction integrated and more compact products. Although the implementation of 3G phones in China is slower than in other countries, user interest in new products, technologies, and services has spiked after the introduction of 3G. This has driven the development of related industries, relieved pressure on the market, and provided the connector market with new opportunities.
As phones become smarter, converting to 3G requires enormous development in wireless technologies and mobile data application.
Simply put, wireless technologies in phones have been continuously developed and perfected. There will be differences between existing technologies and future technologies, which could cause compatibility issues; thus requiring corrections regarding this aspect to achieve final functionality of the product. Next is the integration of Bluetooth, 802.11n, Wi-Fi, FM radio, and other wireless transmission methods with other functions that have also become an important developmental direction for mobile phones. These add more demand and planning for connector application.
Mobile data application has already shown strong growth in China. Even during the financial crisis of 2008, the strong growth of mobile data application brought confidence and momentum to manufacturing industries. Seizing the opportunity of mobile data applications is another path for connector manufacturers to grow.
In fact, there are still wealth and opportunities to be seized during financial crises. The connector market is one of these opportunities hidden behind the crisis. The multitude of challenges faced by the phone market, provide an opportunity for the connector industry to break out. As the phone market tries to break through the financial crisis and move toward innovation, connector manufacturers should seize this rare opportunity and rebound with the phone market, and achieve great success.