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RJ45 advantages-TW connector manufacturing company

Author:Danny / time:2019-11-19 / The number of clicks:120

Speaking of the RJ45 connector (RJ45 CONNECTOR), most people may not immediately understand which PC accessory it is, however its regular name - the crystal head - shall be definitely understood easily & quickly. The RJ45 connector produced by  Taiwan connector manufacturing companies is our most commonly used network cable connection device. It is mainly made up of plugs and twisted pairs. It is an essential accessary for broadband Internet users to connect to the local area network. RJ stands for Registered Jack, a standard physical connector for electronic communication devices such as computer internet devices, telephones,etc.  RJ11 is similar to RJ45, but RJ11 is often mainly used to connect the telephone lines.

 There are two main types of RJ45 connectors (RJ45 CONNECTOR): DTE and DCE. When designing RJ45 connectors for routers and switches, designers usually apply network transformers between Ethernet PHY chips and RJ45 connectors. Thus, this network transformer is also called RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer). Its function is to isolate the chip and connector base, improve the information transmission rate and quality and also avoid low frequency signal interference. Although the RJ45 transformer is not an integral part of the network connector, however, those which connectors do not use the transformers may attenuate and lose the transmitted signal. The biggest impact is that it will increase the interference to the external chip, causing data loss or transmission interruption and other situations at the information receiving end. 

Usually, we can find that there are two LED indicators on the network port. These two LED indicators are controlled by the internal register. One of the LED indicators is to show whether the RJ45 transformer (RJ45 CONNECTOR) is properly connected or not. The other one indicates whether the current connector has signal transmission yet. Generally, the brightness of the LED indicator is changed according to the level of the signal line. When the level is high, the LED indicator is brighter, when the level is lower, it’ll be getting darker. Since the level of the signal line is unstable under normal condition, the LED indicator will flash and it’ll be bright now & become dark later.

Perhaps you may be wondering why designers recommend the RJ45 Transformer applied for the RJ45 connector even though such is not an essential accessory. To answer this question, we must mention several advantages of the RJ45 transformer supplied by the Taiwan connector manufacturing companies. The first thing is that it could isolate the PHY chip and connector base as previously described. Secondly, it is possible to increase the strength of the signal as well as the effective transmission distance of the signal. Additionally, the RJ45 transformer can also match the impedance of different PHY chips, play the role of voltage transformation & reduce the impact on both devices.  Furthermore, there are many other advantages such as lightning protection, insulation, etc. to be listed.
In general, the application of the RJ45 Transformer has great protection and enhancement for RJ45 connectors. As people demand for product quality advancement, the appearance and technology development of the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) produced by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies is still in progress. Although there is still room for improvement in its design and application, we can foresee its immeasurable market value and usage value.