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RJ45 lead Ethernet-connector manufacture company

Author:Danny / time:2019-12-02 / The number of clicks:89

The development and application of the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) produced by Asia connector manufacturing companies have played a decisive role in the popularity of the Ethernet. As an important link in the development of a modern network, Ethernet is an indispensable part of today's network lifestyle. From the original cable to the current wireless, Ethernet is also quietly transforming based on the changes in our demands.

The RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) is one of the most frequently used components in Ethernet work. Due to this breakthrough in technology that has led to the expansion of the application field of Ethernet connectors, its performance and stability have been further enhanced. The RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) is mostly integrated on the RJ45 connector (RJ45 Connector). It is generally not directly observable. It is an RJ45 connector enhancement device that can effectively enhance the transmission signal of communication equipment and high voltage isolation. To suppress electromagnetic interference, signal coupling, impedance matching, etc., the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) provided by Asia connector manufacturing companies provide a safe and stable working environment for the development of the Ethernet and gradually brings it into the industrial areas with extreme working conditions.
 There are many high protection levels with high temperature and high-pressure working conditions in the industrial field but the introduction of Ethernet in the industrial field is an inevitable trend. At the beginning, people tried to introduce "military grade" connector products in order to ensure the stability of industrial applications for a reliable operation. While looking into the development of the connector industry market, the fact is, the RJ45 connector using the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) also obtained the qualified technical strength and quality assurance.
The development of industrial RJ45 connectors has become the pioneer to acquire the Ethernet transmission application market. Today, the Ethernet transmission protocol has become the industry's recognized " priority agreement", and the industrial RJ45 connector is taking the critical position. Most of all, due to the continuous development and improvement of the RJ45 connector using the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer), the Ethernet network 10G transmission application was introduced. The world's top Asia connector manufacturers such as MOLEX, CONEC, TYCO, HARTING, Phoenix Contact, etc. have long recognized the importance of industrial Ethernet connectors and are committed to the development and production of RJ45 connectors & other Industrial Ethernet connectors which all have occupied the dominant position in the industrial Ethernet connector market.

Now the industrial field is one of the key development areas of Ethernet connectors. Every company has invested a great many in the design and production of their related connector products and strived to ensure the functionality and stability of the industrial Ethernet connector products.  As an important part of the RJ45 connector quality improvement provided by Asia connector manufacturing company, several major companies have chosen the same to develop the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) to advance the Ethernet connector to the upper level and forwarding in the high-precision direction.