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SATA spec 2-Taiwan connector manufacturing company

Author:Danny / time:2019-12-16 / The number of clicks:185

The specification comparison between the SATA connector with other connectors as provided by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies:
In the data transfer, not only the SATA connector produced by  Taiwan connector manufacturing companies can be used as the only transmission device, there are other alternatives such as, the USB connector, the FireWire connector, the serial SCSI connector,….etc. In order to better understand the SATA connector, we have selected some related connectors to conduct a comparative analysis of their specifications for reference.

In the beginning, we conducted a comparative analysis of the USB connector and the SATA connector. First of all, USB connectors had developed in this field earlier than eSATA connectors and the eSATA connector was introduced to the market later. Obviously, it can be found in the development of SATA connectors which has obtained many technical influences and inspiring applications from USB connectors thus enabling SATA connectors to quickly catch up with the USB connector market and even surpass the USB. Although the USB connector has undergone a leap forward in three-level jumps, the current USB3.0 connector can achieve a theoretical maximum of 5000 Mbit/s, while the SATA connector is now in the stage of steady development and whose transmission bandwidth can already reach 6000 Mbit/s. And the SATA connector transfer rate is ten times of the USB connector. It is conceivable that its development speed has slowly surpassed the USB connector. The most important point is that the SATA connector can be stored internally, but the USB connector is now stuck in a limited external storage. Based on these basic contrasts, the SATA connector is much superior indeed.

However, in the current market, only the Fiber Channel through the Fiber Optics is able to surpass the SATA connector in both the bandwidth and the transmission rate. Obviously, the comparison between the two shows that the effectiveness of the SATA connector far exceeds that of the Fiber Channel through the Fiber Optics.

Therefore, the Taiwan connector manufacturing companies are currently optimistic about the development prospects of SATA connectors. We do believe it will become an indispensable process in future storage devices.