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D-SUB connector1- Connector manufacturing company

Author:Danny / time:2020-01-06 / The number of clicks:150

The so-called D-SUB connector is the abbreviation of D-subminiature which has a common name known as VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) interface. The reason why it is called D-subminiature, is also because the D-sub configuration is like an uppercase letter D. In fact, the D-SUB connectors has a long development history. As early as the mid- 20th century, Taiwan the connector manufacturing company, ICC Company, invented a more reasonable standard of interface shape and structure through scientific research, which created the definition of the D-SUB connector. When it was just invented, the interface of the D-SUB connector was considered to be the smallest compared to the interfaces of that era, which gave it a subminiature nickname. The name of D-subminiature was given since then.

     Nowadays, D-SUB connectors from Taiwan connector manufacturing companies are widely used on VGAs. The so-called VGA is actually the interface of the output analog signal on the graphics card. Because many CRT monitors have a bigger design problem which is they can only accept the analog signal input but cannot output the information processed by the graphics card directly through the display and such is really troublesome. The only solution to this problem is to let the graphics card be able to input analog signals. Luckily, the VGA interface can satisfy the demand. The most popular VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface on the market is operated by the 15-pin D-Sub interface. The relationship between the VGA interface and the D-Sub is very close, so it is also the D-type interface in the configuration. There are a total of fifteen pins on top and the layout arrangement is 3*5 structures which consist of three rows and five columns. Of course, the achievement by the D-Sub connector applied on the VGA interface is remarkable. Today, all the graphics cards are using this same method. Even some graphics cards without a VGA interface will be converted by means of a connector in order to convert effectively for achieving the best results. However, if the D-SUB connector interface is used individually and does not interact with the VGA interface, it is impossible to achieve the effect of the LCD display without any details lost & also resulting in image distortion during the analog signal conversion into an output signal. This also tells us that the D-Sub interface produced by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies can acquire its share of the market place because of its own value but not mainly to perform an individual feature. Only applying the D-Sub connector with the appropriate usages shall one appreciates its greatest value.