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Author:Danny / time:2020-01-13 / The number of clicks:140

The current status of D-SUB connectors:

We learned in the previous introduction of D-SUB connectors that its practical purpose is to work with VGE interfaces to maximize its value. Regarding this, the development staffs of Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have introduced the VGA D-SUB input interface. This is the most advanced and widely applicable D-SUB connector. Looking at its appearance, the VGA D-SUB input interface has 15 pin holes, arranged in 3 rows of 5. It is different to the D-15 interface used in normal PC graphics card. Although they both use D shaped 15 pin sockets, it is evident the D-15 interface wastes more of the pin’s value when compared with the VGA D-SUB input. This would cause gaps in the input signal and greatly reduce the quality of the displayed images.

The reason all computers and televisions nowadays use the VGA D-Sub input interface is because the monitor needs to process the images digitally and when the images pass through the graphics card, they are converted into analogue signals. During this process, the VGA D-Sub input interface can achieve this perfectly and greatly reduce image loss and distortion. Therefore the VGA D-Sub produced by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies hold an unshakable place in analogue CRT monitors.

However, due to technological progress, CRT monitors have been gradually replaced by LCD, DLP, and other display devices. This means that mainstream monitors have changed from digital to analogue signal needs to analogue to digital conversion needs. Because of this change, the originally widely used D-Sub input interfaces have taken a huge hit. The D-Sub input interface creates unavoidable image degradation due to the multiple D/A and A/D conversion processes. This means it has directly given up its top spot in the market and has given the advantage to interfaces like DVI. Looking at the bigger picture, the market has moved away from D-Sub interface’s monopoly and the market for D-Sub interfaces is shrinking. To preserve the market share of VGA D-Sub interfaces, the corresponding Taiwan connector manufacturing companies and professionals must find the correct direction to perfect the VGA D-Sub; only then will the connector market experience continuous growth.