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SAS intro 1-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-01-20 / The number of clicks:141

 As computer development moves toward miniaturization, this does not only increase demands on the computer industry, it also sets requirements on related computer peripherals. Regarding the serial interfaces for small computer systems, Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have named the interface package as SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).

 SAS was proposed by IBM, Compaq, Maxtor, LSI logic, and Seagate together on November 26th, 2001. It was not until the 2003 CEBIT convention did Taiwan connector manufacturing companies, Seagate and HP, introduce a sample with the SAS connector interface together. At the same time, Intel and Emulex also realized the future value of SAS connectors. They announced the development of processors capable of supporting SAS connectors and SATA connectors. Adaptec even brought out a sample first. The sample’s performance can reach an average bandwidth of 3Gbps and a max value of 5Gbps. Adaptec predicts that in the future, SAS connectors can reach 6-12 Gbps.

 In fact, the SAS connector still uses SCSI technology but it is part of a new generation of designs, similar to the popular Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives. The reason why SAS connectors can lead the market now is because it has a higher transfer speed and shorter cable to save on internal space. The most important part of the SAS connector is the single line serial port. This interface technology greatly improves the efficiency of storage systems and fulfills the device's practicality and expansion capabilities.

 The SAS system’s backboard was already compatible with dual port, high performance SAS drivers originally. SAS systems today are also compatible with single serial port SATAs. This means connectors have high capacity, low cost; further increasing market share. On the other hand, SATA connectors are not compatible with SAS connectors, meaning that SAS connectors are more adaptable and have larger development space. The current leading SAS Taiwan connector manufacturing companies around the world include Seagate, former Maxtor, LSI Logic, Adaptect, and other well-known brands. From this, it is clear that SAS connector demand and its future development is filled with possibilities.