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SAS intro 2-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-01-30 / The number of clicks:160

The reason why SAS connectors offered by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have earned market recognition is due to its performance excellence in addition to its characteristics. This is not part of many types of devices and it is superior to many different devices. 

  Firstly, regarding SAS connectors, its structural mode is serial SCSI point to point, so this maximizes its advantages to a certain point. 

  Its first characteristic is its high performance not found in other similar devices. This is because of the point to point technology used by SAS connectors. This greatly minimizes speed decrease to address conflicts that occur during operations; guaranteeing high operational performance. At the same time, this provides every connector device more professional signal pathways; creating broader bandwidths. Of course, Taiwan connector manufacturing companies provide a SAS connector exclusive dual operation data control method. Effectively connecting data transfer quantity.

  The second characteristic is how SAS connectors improve cable convenience. In the past, similar cables have been inconvenient due to thickness and length. The SAS connector uses compact designs for miniature computers on the market now; fulfilling market demands. At the same time, the smaller wire structure saves internal space in the device, improving heat dissipation, ventilation, and operational stability.

  The third characteristic is the SAS connector’s improved expansion capabilities. Regular serial interfaces can only have one to one connections with disk devices. However, SAS connectors have broken through this limit and are able to connect to multiple disks at the same time. According to the data analysis, connecting 16384 disks at the same time will not affect the SAS connector’s efficiency.

  Fourthly, the multiple functions of SAS controllers is due to the compatibility of SCSI (SAS) hardware and S-ATA interface, therefore SAS controllers can support SAS and SATA disks. However, if it is the SATA interface, it does not allow SAS use. Based on this, the versatility of SAS is a definite advantage.

  The four points mentioned above are the SAS connector’s market advantages and its unique characteristics. Evidently, only by expanding its own development can it create its own market value. The SAS connectors offered by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have expanded their development in such a way to earn their superior market position.