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New Knowledge on SFP + Connector Applications

Author:Irene / time:2020-08-03 / The number of clicks:310

In mid-2019, shopping malls in South Korea and Japan already started setting up experience stalls for 5G network and 5G mobile phones. On-site employees of telecom operators eagerly introduced to people 5G network, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices supporting 5G, as well the tariff scheme for 5G network. Everyone knows that 5G broadband network is faster than LTE, but with the variety of products available, understanding how everything works could be quite confusing. Therefore,SFP + connector manufacturers have narrowed down several questions about 5G high-speed mobile broadband network and prices, enlightening us about the new generation changes.

Will 5G Internet charges be higher than the current price?
From 3G network upgrade to 4G, the monthly subscription fee for mobile phones has increased from NTD 299 to a maximum of NTD 1399. It took time before the price slowly stabilized.  At NTD 499 per month, one can enjoy full Internet speed with 4G high-speed network experience. This price even caused a commotion back in 2019. The NCC estimates that during the introductory stage of the 5G high-speed network, the tariffs of telecom operators will soar due to higher construction cost of base stations, similar to when 4G high-speed network was launched. A plan of unlimited mobile Ethernet data may be launched only at the beginning.

Do we need to buy a new mobile phone to use 5G network?
Take the iPhone 12, which will be released to the public soon, as an example; the new product can support 5G. So does this mean that we have to replace existing mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices if we want to experience 5G high-speed Internet service or can we choose not to upgrade to 5G?

To answer both questions, according to SFP + connector manufacturers, there is a brewing price war between mobile phone manufacturers and telecom manufacturers. Many manufacturers have planned a series of preferential pricing and marketing schemes, ranging from high-medium prices to entry-level 5G mobile phones, in order to gain market advantage. Therefore, after the products come out, the actual selling price may not be that high as rumored. In addition, mobile phones that can support 5G can also support 4G speed. Hence, consumers need not worry since new mobile phones support both 4G and 5G Internet services.