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QSFP14 Connector

Author:Irene / time:2020-08-10 / The number of clicks:277

The previous articles covered a substantial introduction to SFP+ connectors as well as the digital transmission concept and future application of 5G broadband network. QSFP 14 has attracted a lot of attention amid the trend of broadband network innovation. Many telecommunication business owners and SFP+ manufacturers believe that the QSFP 14 connector is the solution to optical internet connection. So, what is the QSFP connector? What impact would this type of connector bring to our life?

First, let’s talk about the QSFP 14 connector. QSFP is the acronym for Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable. Quad refers to 4 channels, and the QSFP 14 connector is the solution proposed by connector manufacturers in response to market demand for high-density information transmission and high speed plug tap. The one-channel connector, for example, can reach a transmission speed of 10Gbps with 5G Internet connection. QSFP14, on the other hand, includes three more channels than the traditional version, so the transmission speed could reach 40Gbps. With a transmission density 4 times the XFP connector and three times the SFP+ connector, QSFP is now regarded as the most innovative and effective solution to the optical network.

Why is the SFP+ connector unsuitable for 5G network? According to connector manufacturers, there is a demand for high-density information transmission, cloud computing, and virtual servers. Also, a network for higher information density and lower time delay is necessary in developing a large Internet of Things. The SPF+ connector could only be linked to 48 channels with transmission speed of 10; the format and specification of SFP+ would be a limitation, making it an unqualified solution to the network. Therefore, connector manufacturers would rather promote the QSFP 14 connector and its module series, which could be applied to the assembly network of 10G and 40G, significantly eliminating time delay while transmitting information with higher density and lower power consumption.

What are the other major functions of “QSPF 14”? The QSFP connector can be applied to the Switch and Router, the hub for multiple channels, and the cloud storage service for business. Telecommunication service providers point out that the “wide-range connection” of 5G high-speed internet connection will be the mainstream force for Internet of Things. The four-channel QSFP 14 connector in combination with the +eSR4 modules would be a relevantly flexible solution. The QSFP+ connector can be linked to as many as 176 units of 10G channels, which is much more efficient than the SFP+ connector, which could only be connected to 48 channels.