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The potential of remote work via SFP+ connectors

Author:danny / time:2020-10-08 / The number of clicks:218

Since late 2019, the corona virus outbreak has taken over the world, changing our lives completely. To prevent cluster infections, people have vacated their offices, while students and teachers have left their respective schools. By using computers, everyone can work or study from home. With the Internet supported by SFP+ connectors and some apps, we are able to overcome social distancing and continue to keep in touch, and maintain business activities. This pandemic is far from over and has significantly affected various industries, such as airlines, transportation, tourism, hotels, etc.


Remote work and remote learning require high-speed Internet, computers, and other electronic devices. The Internet has broken the limitations of time and distance gathering people together. This remote work trend has led to higher sales of PCs, laptops, microphones, headphones, etc., as well as upstream electronic components like GPU, motherboard, etc.


As the world experienced a disruption of logistics and supply chain this year due to the shutdown of many manufacturers in China, it also saw an increase in remote work and learning. In the second half of 2020, countries like China, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries have lifted shutdown measures to re-establish their supply chains. It is also interesting to note that the price of memory modules grew significantly in the first half of the year. Even though mobile phone sales are dropping, there has been an increasing demand for servers and PCs, and so the price of memory modules is not that high right now. Towards the second half of the year, companies have been preparing to launch 11-gen laptop CPUs in hopes of reinvigorating the development of electronic industries and the Internet.


Software applications like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom and other video cam apps have had a tremendous growth in their stock price. So, some tech companies are focusing on the stability and pressure test of their software, along with the Internet to make sure customers can access stable and clear phone and video calls.


Although the corona virus has greatly affected the global economy, some economists believe that the situation is also an opportunity for people to change their lifestyle. It makes us rethink the possibility and the diversity of the Internet, and to once again highlight the importance of SFP+ connectors and other optical fiber components.