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Extended Column of SFP+ CONNECTOR

Author:danny / time:2020-11-05 / The number of clicks:227

In the 21st century, there is a higher demand for the Internet, and the network technology has become more mature. Our lives are closely linked with broadband optical fiber networks and SFP+ Connectors, which has also brought a new lifestyle called the "sharing economy".
Xiaomei is an international sales manager who needs to travel frequently. In the morning, Xiaomei books an Uber ride on her mobile phone before she sets out from the office to the company of the customer for a meeting. During the launch break, she orders pizza on FoodPanda and shares it with others, getting closer with the business staff of the customer. In the afternoon, Xiaomei answers a phone call from the company, which requests her to go to the branch in Taichung for a business trip tomorrow. So Xiaomei quickly makes a room reservation near the destination on Airbnb, and then forwards the screenshot of the receipt to the company's accountant to write off. Xiaomei does freelance work in the evening, while she undertakes some suitable cases to get extra income. The "sharing economy" brings more convenience and diversified source of income for Xiaomei's life.
As mentioned in the extended column of SFP+ Connectors, the "sharing economy" is a new business model. Companies such as Uber and Foodpanda mentioned above are agencies, and they do not possess the ownership and operation rights of objects such as cars and restaurants. They connect private cars with people who want a ride, restaurant owners, and people in need. Compared with the traditional business model of "buyer-seller", these companies charge agency fees and platform usage fees, and pay more attention to the "right to use" of the consumer.
Why is the sharing economy becoming very popular? For users, these platforms can bring lower price and diverse options than using traditional taxis and reservation networks. Consumers complain that most of the previous experience of taking a taxi was not very good. Now when we select Uber, we can see the open and transparent fees, and the public driving information also makes us feel assured. As for tourism, budget travelers or backpackers do not need rooms in a "hotel", and the Airbnb platform provides multiple accommodation options, allowing consumers to choose the room type and price they need, which is far more flexible and diverse than traditional accommodation platforms.
Due to the high speed and wide connection of the broadband network, it allows user to make orders quickly on mobile phones. For merchants, high-speed networks can also help them quickly match with consumers on the platform and provide services for them. In this era when everything is fast-paced, fiber-optic broadband networks and SFP+ Connectors are as important as air conditioner. With the speed and convenience of the Internet, it brings more possibilities for enterprises and consumers.