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SFP+ Connector Extension Column (Part I)

Author:danny / time:2020-11-17 / The number of clicks:112

SFP+ Connectors not only speed up the broadband network, but also bring us new job opportunities! In fact, as early as several years ago, the rise in Internet use and the increase of Internet speed had brought new operation modes and job opportunities to the business model. Not only were business owners able to set up official websites and sell their own products on the Internet, but also many free workers can build their own brands by running blogs. Due to the 2020 pandemic, this "SOHO economy" will make people who want to run sideline businesses or turn sideline businesses into main businesses pay more and more attention to the job opportunities brought by the Internet. Watching more and more KOL on the Internet, many graduates or on-the-job trainees began to create slash careers.


Running a blog, social media or YouTube

If you like sharing movies, or like cooking and sharing new knowledge on beauty and fashion products, you can consider running a blog. This job is very suitable for office workers. As long as you persist on publishing a fixed number of articles a week, there will be a gradual flow of visitors to your site. Then let the network algorithm turn potential customers or strangers into online views of your platform. You only need to pay a small amount of community website usage fees to earn advertisement revenue on the platform. Study and cultivate yourself in the fields that interest you, turn the interest into a primary business and create your dream job!


Opening an online store

If you have a unique sense of fashion or are enthusiastic about sharing delicious food, you can also try to run your own online store. Online auction is a very popular way to increase income for free workers. Novices can start with "online auction" and slowly accumulate customers before considering setting up an official website for sale. In the past, the online auction can only be operated on several major websites including Yahoo Shopping Network, but now with the use of social media becoming more diversified and the receivers becoming more and more extensive, online auctions can also be operated on Instagram.


Using the shared economic circle

If you happen to have an empty suite or have time to do delivery, as long as you have available resources, you can consider joining the shared economic circle and using the Internet to provide shared economic resources to those in need, so as to create a win-win situation. Airbnb, for example, is a good example. Some people have left their rooms idle because their families have been working abroad for a long time. As long as they post the rooms on Airbnb, they can also have an additional income every month. If you are proficient in foreign languages, you can also join the tutoring network, put on your resume, and use online teaching to contact students from all over the world.


With SFP+ Connectors bringing high broadband network speed and diversified job opportunities, we are no longer limited by regions and time zones. If you have talent, you are able to increase your income through the network!