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QSFP28 connector application: Setting up

Author:danny / time:2020-12-08 / The number of clicks:169

The e-commerce industry has flourished in recent years with the promotion and marketing of Korean fashion and apparel, as well as European and American cosmetics and boutique bags. Many small businesses promote products via e-commerce platforms and social networking software that help generate profit without the need for physical stores and advertisements. These types of framework are the most convenient way for consumers to place orders online through an official website. However, setting up an official website requires a huge investment, which is not easy for small operators with limited funds. Today, the QSFP28 connector application demonstrates how operators with budget constraints can create simple yet eye-catching websites!

Shopping cart system of ECPAY
ECPAY’s platform does not only provide companies with services such as electronic invoicing and integrated cash flow; it also has a shopping cart function, which was released recently given the emerging small e-commerce businesses. The shopping cart integrated into shopping sites helps consumers buy products and complete online payment via ECPAY system.

Payment methods support the shopping cart system
Consumers can pay online using a credit card (installment plan available), ATM transfer, Google pay/Apple pay or other 3rd party payment methods on the shopping cart system. Operators can choose the free shopping cart system, which can help them manage orders.

Advantages of online shopping cart
Firstly, the shopping cart system does not require complicated programming, so it can be directly used by online sellers. Moreover, it allows online sellers to set up different stores for convenient management, pricing and inventory of different products, as well as order management.

Secondly, sellers can view the payment status of buyers through order management. After checking the bills on the shopping cart system, sellers can also directly use the logistics integration function, which combines with other tasks such as home delivery, pick-up at three convenience stores, and payment upon delivery; this function also facilitates management and fast delivery of orders.

Finally, the shopping cart system improves the consumers’ shopping experience. For consumers, a convenient and smooth payment system is one of the major factors that encourages repurchase. Sellers can also customize the completed payment page to send promotional messages to consumers; this is ideal for shopping in real-time.

More and more cash flow systems start to promote free shopping cart systems that help sellers with limited funds to set up simple websites. With the rise of the Internet, starting a new business has become easier. The QSFP28 connector application is recommended to those who want to start a business.