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Extended Column of SFP+ Connector (Part II)

Author:danny / time:2020-12-02 / The number of clicks:97

SFP+ Connectors not only increase the internet speed of broadband networks, but also bring some new job opportunities! In Part I, we introduced a few jobs on the internet that you can build up as a second career with just a computer and broadband network. In Part II, we will show you another job opportunity created by the internet: Gig Economy Mode.
 Do not underestimate the gig economy! The US CNN channel reported that 30% in the US labor market are from the gig economy. Many Americans believe that having multiple part-time jobs is better than having one full-time job. This way, you can have a more diverse job content and also a good income like a full-time job. Many corporations will outsource a lot of non-core jobs to save on labor costs. Let’s see what kind of jobs are there in a gig economy.

Social Media Management/Advertising copywriting/Advertising
If you want to have a successful online shop, you must have a creative advertisement and spend a good amount of time to manage the fan page and other social media websites. Therefore, regardless of the size of the business, there is a demand for outsourcing copywriting. If you are good at expressing ideas with words, you could have a side career through online recruitment or outsourcing websites.

If you are proficient in a language, then being a translator or an interpreter would be perfect for you! With the language skill, the unit price of translation will be higher than copywriting. If you have a portfolio or seniority in translation, the price can go higher. Freelance translators can choose the translation cases that they are good at through company websites or outsourcing websites.

Being a Professional Consultant
You can choose to be a work-from-home professional consultant if you have a great understanding or accumulated years of experience in a certain professional field, for example, you are familiar with the stock market and have your own way around it, or you are good at big data analysis. Financial management and investment are popular and courses that never fade in society. You could increase your income by teaching online courses.

Video Editor
There are a lot of YouTubers who have more income and job offer due to their fame. In addition to setting up a personal studio, many YouTubers will hire a video editor to spread the workload. For those who are interested in video editing, this would be a great chance to earn an extra income.

We’ve mentioned a lot of internet job opportunities. SFP+ Connectors not only increase the internet speed of broadband networks, but also open up more job options for people.