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QSFP28 connector and network application

Author:danny / time:2020-12-22 / The number of clicks:83

Many people prefer to work close to home, which means that commuting time is also considered a very important factor when looking for a job. According to survey results, the ideal commuting time is about 15-20 minutes, which makes people concentrate better on their work rather than feel too tired. If one works for more than 10 hours and has to spend over an hour commuting, there is a tendency to lose passion for one’s job. Due to the pandemic that happened this year, many companies have implemented a Work from Home policy to reduce the risk of cluster infections, and employed QSFP28 connector and network application.

Benefits of Working from Home
The primary benefit of working from home is that it saves commuting time and fare. We do not have to wake up at the last minute just to rush to work. We only need to turn on the computer and access the company's work system to check-in; then we can start working. When working from home, we can wear casual and comfortable clothes. Work hours and patterns are also more flexible unlike a standard office schedule. As for meals, we get to save and have lunch with our families.

Higher utilization rate of instant messaging and cloud storage software
Nowadays, most businesses could communicate online, as well as deliver and share data over the Internet, resulting in greater demand for storage software such as Dropbox and Google drive, and instant messaging services like Zoom and Skype. In the past, work required process documentation. But today, it only requires starting up the computer and sending a file to the supervisor via e-mail, thereby eliminating paper work and promoting efficient time management.

Disadvantages of working from home
Working from home has pros and cons. A flexible work schedule as mentioned above, has also some disadvantages. Since work could be assigned via instant messaging and e-mail, a supervisor could also follow up on the work status anytime anywhere using the same methods, which result in longer working hours. Many people working from home feel like they are working overtime all the time. In addition, those whose work needs supervision, could compromise their efficiency when working from home.

Furthermore, for seniors who are unfamiliar with network technology and Apps, working from home requires typing on a computer. If they are unfamiliar with the computer, working would be difficult and inconvenient. 

Working from home is a new experience or challenge for some people. However, the application of QSFP28 connector and network would bring new opportunities. Hence, we must continue learning to keep pace with the changes of this era.