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Business opportunities from QSFP28 connector

Author:danny / time:2020-12-28 / The number of clicks:177

The 21st century introduces a new era of networks. The invention of optical fiber networks has challenged many traditional business models as well as consumption models. The cost of starting a business is no longer high and renting a store is no longer necessary. Consumer behavior has also changed, eliminating the need to shop in physical stores. With just fiber optic networks and QSFP28 connectors, shopping or starting a business at home is more convenient!

In the past, the traditional business model involves setting up a physical store followed by developing a stable customer base and establishing an official website to promote and gain official website members. Take 7-11 for example; people go to the store to buy products, print documents, send mail, or even buy tickets. When the store is crowded, everyone has to wait in line to use the ibon machine. During peak hours, it gets even more crowded as people line up earlier than usual to buy high-speed rail tickets or concert tickets. The development of optical fiber networks allows companies to create a complete model for online and offline logistics.

Since last year, 7-11 has launched the Open Point app to encourage customers to use its online services.  It also introduced a program that allows customers to provide their mobile phone numbers when purchasing and to collect reward points easily.  The reward points can then be used to get a discount on their next purchase or exchange for free coffee. There is also a unique service called cloud printing. This system is an effective way of promoting both offline and online store services. In the past, if we wanted to print a document, we had to save the file into a USB then go to a store and connect the USB to the ibon machine before printing; but now, we can use the 7-11 system at home to upload a file to the 7-11 cloud and then access the Open Point service function to generate a QR code. After which, we go to the store to scan the bar code to finish printing. This service does not only address compatibility issues between a USB and a printing machine; it also solves the problem with the adapter of different mobile phones, whether Apple iPhone or Samsung.

Customers can also get small stickers and point-collection redemption cards when spending a certain amount. They can redeem products based on the number of points collected. Now, this point collection system is also applied to online purchases.  As long as members provide their mobile phone numbers at the store counter, the purchase amount with corresponding reward points is stored in the app.  This system helps protect the environment and reduce paper usage via digital invoicing.

The QSFP28 connector and optical fiber network offer a wide range of options and also help many companies establish a complete online and offline logistics system so as to revolutionize their business models.